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Two voices are present: one represents the real and spiritual self. Our character feels unidentified with her/his real project. An internal dialogue narrates the game pace and evolution of the character towards the real self that has been always pursued but never found.


WASD: Movement

E: Interact with spheres

R: Screen transition

Left Click: Pick up / Drop blocks

Game Design was an all-out effort by every member of "The Shimmering Pilgrims" team. Members below: 

 Nicolás Castillo Velastegui - Shaders, VFX 

 Pablo Corral Franco - Programming, Level Design 

Ismael Moyano Romero - Music, Audio design and Narrative

 Javier Salgado Fernández - Level Design, Programming, Real World Voice 

Marta Zarca Ramos - 2D Art, Character Design, Spiritual Voice

Update: Version 1.1 released! All audio errors have been fixed.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsLeamsy, Marta Ryu, RitoSalgado, trakedon, Pablo Corral Franco
Tags2D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Unity


Innerself.zip 46 MB

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